Bellini Our Story


We at Bellini Fine Moulding are proud to present this stunning collection of unique hand finished, Italian made, picture frame moulding and photo frames.  We believe the aesthetic potential of the Bellini collection will have an immediate and compelling appeal to the most discerning collector.

Bellini represents the embodiment of a vision.  Sourcing only from the most gifted craftsmen, third and fourth generation artisans, embracing traditional ideals and skills to produce the most desirable and dynamic collection of moulding.  Each Bellini design is individually sculpted utilising techniques unchanged by centuries, delivering a product of the utmost quality and beauty.

At Bellini our team is driven by people passionate about their love of art.  Our dedication to customer satisfaction is as important as our desire to deliver inspiration and excellence.  Our specialist design consultants are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania and are available to showcase our exclusive collection by appointment.