May 2017

Bluewhippet Art

Bellini is proud to showcase the passionate and talented Northern Territory artist Geoff Todd.

Geoff grew up on a dairy farm in country Victoria. He discovered his passion for art at 15 years of age, after realising his disinterest in academia.

In the nineties Geoff and his wife Janette moved to the Northern Territory, where he was overwhelmed and inspired by the people, culture, landscape and fauna. During this era he held nine solo exhibitions in Darwin, nine in Indonesia, and numerous exhibitions in NSW, SA, ACT, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria and France.

One of his key personal pieces is the large two-piece oil painting “Rolling”. The artwork depicts two children rolling in the iconic Northern Territory landscape. This piece is symbolic to him as it represents the freedom the NT gave him and his art.


How has Bellini Fine Moulding’s handcrafted finishes impacted your business?

It has allowed us to extend our range and has opened up another level in the market, that is people who want a sophisticated option for their art. By offering this high end range of frames we now frame work for interstate contacts who are either unaware of Bellini style, or don’t know there is a high end option. Because not all framers offer Bellini, we have found our market has extended the boundary of our country Victorian location. In this local region we have educated our customers to go to the next level, by for example, putting a wide frame on a small painting, which focuses in on the painting like a jewel. And Bellini transforms those artworks which are sometimes difficult to find the right moulding for, because they are so unique and definitely out of the square, so to speak.


What advice would you give to existing and potential Bellini users?

You must offer clients a full range of options, including the very best. By doing so it’s often easier to sell a standard range expensive frame at a high price when you can show there are even more expensive options. But most importantly, never assume you know how much your clients are prepared to spend. Quite often you may be expecting someone to be shocked at the price, and they will think it quite reasonable. At any rate, if they have paid a lot for a painting, they want something special to frame it. Once you display the Bellini frames you might be surprised at the response.


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