November 2013

Created for Life

Created for Life is one of Australia’s leading photographic printing and framing businesses.  They offer a complete solution for photographers and artists, fusing their creative expertise and extensive product offering with a desire to push the boundaries of craftsmanship.

New owners Glen McKimmin and Danny Irvine have joined forces with some of the leading suppliers in the world, including Bellini, to offer customers an unparalleled level of quality and innovation. 

Created for Life’s recently expanded and redesigned retail showroom has become a source of design inspiration for consumers and professionals alike and is set to take this already successful business to the next level.  Glen and Danny chose Bellini Fine Moulding to complement all photography, artwork and mirrors on display and the feedback has been overwhelming.  New Bellini Fine Frames have also taken centre stage with a large selection featured in the showroom.  And it’s no surprise to us that the sample wall showcasing the full collection of Bellini and Roma Elite samples is proving to be a major focal point.