October 2014

Designers & Bellini

Many interiors designers ignore art and particularly framing.  The reason?  It’s too hard and too time consuming.  Choosing art for someone else can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  And for that reason, designers (who are time poor like the rest of us) tend to avoid this personal selection when working in client homes.  But there are hidden opportunities in this dilemma.

Art Land Indooroopilly recently hosted a product night for 25 Interior Designers in Brisbane.  And by all accounts, the designers fell in love with Bellini!  In particular the focus was on how a client’s existing artworks and photos could be re-framed to tie in with renovation and refurbishment – a clever way to avoid the art question – but focus on pieces they already have. 

Nicole Green, co-owner of Art Land Indooroopilly says, “Many of the designers hadn’t really considered dressing up existing art as a way to improve a room, or co-ordinate colours in a space.  And what was really interesting was demonstrating the difference a new frame and design could make to a piece”.   This, combined with showing the newest Bellini mouldings gave the designers an insight as to how frames that utilise current trends and styles can be used to enhance a room as well as an artwork.

The new Pierre Cardin range of colours was probably the most popular – those taupe tones right on trend for the designers. Interior designers can be a great referral network for Bellini framers as they appreciate the style, colours and workmanship and are typically working with clients who also appreciate these elements too.