March 2014

Jodie Prymke Fine Art Framing

Tell us about your background and the history of Jodie Prymke Fine Art Framing.

I began my career as a fashion designer for Maggie T and Sportscraft, before starting picture framing as a hobby in 1996. It quickly became my passion, and by 1998 I was framing full time. I became a Certified Guild Framer with the Picture Framers Guild of Victoria in 2001 and spent a great deal of time learning from the best in the business, Neville Crawford and  PFGV President John Daley. An opportunity arose to become a sales rep in our industry in 2003, and I enjoyed my time on the road immensely, but after four years, I missed the creativity of framing. In 2007, I decided to go to Italy and study traditional framing techniques, frame restoration and gilding with the Master Gilders to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  On returning to Australia, I opened Jodie Prymke Fine Art Framing in March 2008 in my home town, Adelaide.  Since then, the business has steadily grown to become Adelaide's leading boutique framing gallery.


How do you go about providing a high standard product for your clientele?

When a client comes into my gallery, they immediately realize this is no ordinary frame shop. It is very much a "boutique" experience. The decor is beautiful and comfortable, it's also very feminine. The framed artworks on my walls are all antique or original, and are framed with a variation of French Matting, or maybe some gilt work on the mat bevels, and most have at least two frames.

I never rush a client, and always take the time to explain the processes of conservation framing, as well as the different choices they have with design.  I don't compromise on the quality of the materials either. The matboards I use are mostly 100% cotton rag, and Museum glass as standard in all my frames.


How has Bellini Fine Moulding's handcrafted finishes impacted your business?

My business is all about unique designs and the highest quality framing possible, and Bellini is a perfect fit for my brand. The mouldings are unique in design and finish, and the quality is exceptional. The ability to stack different mouldings together, creating one-off designs is something I love - being able to offer my clients a premium product they simply won't find anywhere else.


What advice would you give to existing and potential Bellini users?

Take the time with your clients to design your frames properly and don't be afraid to be bold. By doing this, you're adding value to their artwork right from the start. Have samples of finished Bellini frame designs on your walls, two and three mouldings stacked together, and don't shy away from trying the designs on clients' work.  Always show them your very best options first.