June 2017

Mark Gray

With a growing list of over 140 International Awards, Mark's work has sold for up to $30,000 and is collected in 32 countries across the world. Mark's photographs have featured on prime-time television and are regularly published in books, magazines, newspapers, calendars and more.

Mark Gray is a completely self-taught photographer and specialises in stunning panoramic photography of fine art landscapes from Australia and beyond. The majority of Mark's open and limited edition photographs were captured with a medium format panoramic film camera which is far superior to any digital camera available and allows incredible detail to be captured. The end result is fine art photographs that can be printed extremely large, over 5 metres wide, while retaining outstanding quality and sharpness.


How has Bellini Fine Moulding’s handcrafted finishes impacted your business?

For me, Bellini mouldings are my first choice when choosing frames to complement my work. As a born perfectionist, I take great pride in my photography; sometimes revisiting a location 15-20 times over periods of months or years before I’m finally satisfied with the conditions and light. With so much time and effort going into each of my photographs, only the best will do when choosing frames to finish them. Bellini’s handcrafted frames are without a doubt, the most impressive in Australia.

Bellini frames feature throughout the Mark Gray Gallery, drawing strong attention from our visitors. Our consultants enjoy sharing their in-depth knowledge of the frames with each of our customers and many agree that they complement my work beautifully.

With such an impressive finish and quality, Bellini has added significant value to my work, allowing us to attract the most discerning collector’s.


What advice would you give to existing and potential Bellini users?

Whether you’re an artist or picture framer, Bellini will add significant value to your artworks and help you attract the most discerning of buyers. Keep up to date with all new moulding releases and be sure to get feedback from your customers.


Mark Gray's Biography

Mark was born in Melbourne, Victoria on February 20th 1981 to parents with Latvian, English and Irish heritage. He learned graphic design while studying for a diploma in multimedia at Melbourne’s Swinburne Institute of Technology, and then used his skills in the business of web design for several years.

His teenage years saw a rebellious yet artistic side of Mark, spending many hours painting graffiti art along railway lines and any blank walls he could find. Mark’s experience with graffiti art gave him an excellent introduction to working with colours effectively and composition techniques which came in handy later in life when he first picked up a camera.

In the early stages of their relationship, Mark and his wife Suzy developed a love of travelling. It was during their weekend trips around Victoria where his love affair with landscape photography began.

On one trip, Mark had attempted to capture the sunrise with their new digital point and shoot camera but became extremely frustrated because it simply couldn’t do it justice. He soon decided that he wanted to upgrade his camera and learn the skills required to accurately record those amazing moments in time. Particularly so that he could share them with the rest of the world.

It wasn’t long after this that Mark realised landscape photography was his one true passion. He sacrificed his extensive social life and dedicated all his spare time to pushing his own boundaries and learning everything required to capture those incredible moments. His background in graffiti and design certainly gave him a head start with composition techniques however the technical side of photography was something very foreign to him. He spent many hours reading photography books, researching information online and using basic trial and error in the field until he mastered the techniques required to capture technically perfect landscape photograph's.

Gray says the photography market has become saturated, but collectors appreciate quality images. "Most of my work has been captured on film using medium format lenses, and nowadays I use a large format lens on a 100 megapixel digital back," he says. He researches locations thoroughly. "With my work, I strive to capture each location at its absolute finest. I look for the perfect season, time of day and even the right tide and swell at coastal locations, it all contributes significantly to the final capture.”


For more information about Mark Gray, please visit: http://www.markgray.com.au